START! Oxford Art Classes for Adult Learners.

For those who want to begin or improve but, most of all, to enjoy art.

Learn drawing & painting from a Professional Artist through engaging presentations, amazing demonstrations and inspiring art projects.


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Hi Oxford! START Art Classes are OPEN!

Drawing 101 is available to book now.
Online teaching is continuing with a monthly art workshop. Check out upcoming workshops on Eventbrite.

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Art Courses in Oxford

Drawing 101

Learn core drawing skills using Graphite and Charcoal. A 6-week course covering Construction, Gesture, Contour, Sighting, Tone and Perspective in traditional materials.

During each 2-hour session you can expect instruction and demonstration of the technique with short practise exercises during the first hour. There's a break in the middle for tea etc. followed by an hour-long, hands-on project to really get-to-grips with your drawing.

Course Information

Dates: 4th of January - 8th of February

Time: Tuesdays 4-6pm Duration 6 weeks

Venue: The Studio (Face-to-face)

Fee: Standard: £117 | Concessions: £90

Drawing 101 (weeks 3-6)


Painting Watercolour Landscapes

Get the most out of Watercolours and make their unique properties work for you. Learn to paint mountains, fields, skies, trees and seas with wonderful watercolour techniques such as washes, layering, masking, lifting and wet-on-wet. Grow in confidence and understanding.

During each 2-hour session you can expect half an hour of preparatory exercises followed by a long, expert-lead painting session. There will be a tea break half way.

Course information

Dates: 2nd - 30th of November

Time: Tuesdays 4-6pm Duration 5 weeks

Venue: The Studio (Face-to-face)

Fee: Standard: £97.50 | Concessions: £75

FULLY BOOKED: Booking no longer accepted.

Online Workshops

Sunday Painters: Relaxing Art Workshop

Whether you create every day or only on Sundays, it doesn't matter: You are an Artist!

Stretch your creative muscles in this tranquil and inspiring online workshop. I will be drawing and painting live on camera, explaining what I am doing and aswering your questions. You will be welcome to join in or just watch.

During the first 10 minutes I will start with a warm-up sketch while you join and say your hellos. Then I will start painting.

Our subject is: CAKE.

I will post a reference image for you, and demonstrate on video my technique.

Feel free to follow along, use your own style, or simply be inspired. Those of you who wish to share will have the opportunity at the end.

Oxford Art Classes

START Art Classes in Oxford teach drawing and painting courses for adults of all abilities but especially beginners. START aims to, well, get you started! Art lessons are practical and hands-on; you are encouraged to have a go and have fun. You can produce some amazing effects with just simple techniques. At the end of most classes you will have produced something with your own hands which you can take home and be proud of.

Please check the homepage for the latest START art courses running in Oxford. Most courses are 2 hour sessions that run once a week for 5 or 6 weeks. The subjects on offer rotate throughout the year and include:

  • Drawing (with pencils)
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Drawing with Charcoal & Pastels
  • Card making
  • Making Jewellery (beading & wirework)
  • Illustration
  • Style-specific classes e.g. Celtic Art

In future we may start a regular Life Drawing class, if there is enough interest.

START art classes are run by Amy Letts, a professional website designer and illustrator with a BA in Fine Art and 7 years of teaching experience. She has a genuine passion for art which she loves to share.

Teaching methods include presentations, demonstrations and project work. Painting Evenings are specifically teacher-led, step by step paintings with an emphasis on accessibility and enjoyability. Amy believes in the principals of 'show don't tell' and positive feedback.

Amy says:

“I find teaching very rewarding because I get to see first-hand how much I am helping people. I also love to talk about my pet subject (art). Who doesn't love to share their passion? I've always really liked how artists share their techniques; I've picked up a lot of my tips and tricks from other artists. I guess we just get so excited about our 'breakthroughs' we can't keep them to ourselves!

There are some that make the process of making art just so much easier my students think they are cheats! In fact my catchphrase may have become 'It's okay to cheat.' If the Art Masters had known of these techniques they would have used them – and some of them did! For example during the Renaissance artists apprentices did most of the painting for them. Just so you know: I don't allow that!

But there's no such thing as rules in art; at most there are guidelines. You pick what you like, what works for you and make something unique. Art is where we get to express our individuality and have it valued. As an art tutor I get to see students take an idea and all do it in their own way. It's wonderful to witness that raw creativity, encourage it and help them make the breakthroughs I wish I'd made earlier. I get to show off occasionally too!”

Amy also provides private tutoring and runs START Art Parties.

Find Us

My dedicated Art Studio is located on Bayswater Road, directly opposite Mather Road.

If driving, take a right at Baynards Hill Primary School, then an immediate left onto the slip-road. There are usually parking bays available.

If using public transport catch the number 8 bus from Oxford City Center, or the N8 from Risinghurst.

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Phone: 07847167481