START! Oxford Art Classes for Adult Learners.

For those who want to begin or improve but, most of all, to enjoy art.

Learn drawing & painting from a Professional Artist through engaging presentations, amazing demonstrations and inspiring art projects.

Online Workshops

Sunday Painters: Relaxing Art Workshop

A laid-back, live Art Workshop, perfect for a Sunday Afternoon. Learn to paint a Sunset with traditional materials.

Whether you create every day or only on Sundays, it doesn't matter: You are an Artist!

Stretch your creative muscles in this tranquil and inspiring online workshop. I will be drawing and painting live on camera, explaining what I am doing and aswering your questions. You will be welcome to join in or just watch.

During the first 10 minutes I will start with a warm-up sketch while you join and say your hellos. Then I will start painting.

Our subject is: HOLLY HEDGEROW.

I will post a reference image for you, and demonstrate on video my technique.

Feel free to follow along, use your own style, or simply be inspired. Those of you who wish to share will have the opportunity at the end.

October Art Challenge Club

October is traditionally the month of Art Challenges. Challenge yourself to draw every day for the entire month of October with the aid of a prompt list and a community of artists doing the same thing. Daily drawing will not work for everyone, the idea is to set an art goal you can manage and try to stick to it. We will help you reach your goal!

Week 1: Decide what challenge you want to do and take The Pledge!

Weeks 2 - 5: Check-in and review the week. How did you do? What would help you?

Plus: Inspiration and Art demos.

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