ONE-to-ONE Art Tutoring


£45ph standard rate*

Bulk discount (6 hours for the price of 5)

*subject to change, please check


e.g. Partners or Siblings

additional students at half price


Adults preferred
Minimum 11+ (must be very engaged)

If you can’t find a group art course to suit you, or you’re looking for a session more focused on your personal artistic development, this is the place for you.

I provide 1-to-1 art tutoring at my garden studio in Oxford. I tutor in traditional media including graphite, charcoal, inks, coloured pencils, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, gouache and oil painting. I also offer training in digital art and illustration (using Clip Studio Paint), comics/graphic novels, jewelry-making, and chain maille.

One-to-one tutoring is different from an art class because you set the agenda. These sessions are highly focused on what you want to achieve. You can decide how long you want to study for and if you'd prefer your sessions to be spread out or in a block (e.g. Art Weekend!)

Please contact me for more details on price and availability for one to one art tuition. 

Here are some of the things Amy gives tutoring and support with:


Drawing is a foundational skill. Learn to draw with Graphite, Charcoal, Coloured Pencils, Ink, Oil or Soft Pastels.


Learn to paint in Watercolours, Gouache, Acrylics or Oils.


It's not just art it's state-of-the-art! Get a feel for a Graphics Tablet and Ctrl-Z your way into the future.


Train your brain to see what is really there, and your eyes to measure shape, colour and tone with accuracy.


Where do ideas come from? Explore your creativity, generate and develop ideas with confidence.


Study Portraiture, Landscape, Still Life or Animals and Nature. Focus on a subject you are passionate about.


Try out different mediums, tools, and styles to discover your unique artistic voice.


Learn techniques, tips and tricks to get you to the next step on your art journey.


Quickly access the expertise you need with a private Art Library of over 170 Books on Art History, Techniques and Exercises.

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Amy has been a great and inspiring ART tutor. I gained many oil painting skills from Amy over a period of just few days and will cherish them forever. Her art lessons gave me the experience of working with different colours, varied brushstrokes and different materials such as palette knives, sand, oil mediums and different surfaces of canvas along with detailed information about each. 

 I also learned different techniques by which oil paints can be prepared, how the consistency is adjusted, how mixing and blending of colours is done along with a general idea of how art materials are handled. Amy in her own kind and funny teaching ways made time fly by very quick. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share it with her student. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her and I recommend her tutoring to everyone who wants to pursue any kind of ART. She is AMAZING!
Rucha Kunte Embryologist
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