Art Club: Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where?

Art Club takes place every Thursday 7-9PM during term-time, at the Studio with optional holiday events.
Our usual terms are: Autumn, Spring, Summer. Each term is usually 14 weeks to fit in with the school terms and holidays. Check dates here..

Who is it for?

Adults of all abilities who want to develop their creativity in a relaxed social environment, and build a healthy art habit. No experience required.


What is Art Club?

Art Club gives members the opportunity to meet weekly in a more relaxed environment to discuss and work on art. Members may work on projects of their own interest or may use the time as an extension of an enrolled art class.

Art Club provides time and space for members to focus and hone their art skills, (which can be difficult to find in the daily hustle-and-bustle)! Many Artists work alone which can be very isolating; Art Club is a way to connect and make friends with other like-minded people, gain inspiration and enlightenment from our activities, all while deepening relationships with peers.

Members come together to share their creative ideas, produce original works of art, and receive encouraging feedback to help them become the best artists they can be.


Activities will be determined by its members, who shall together agree upon regular activities and workshops.

These may include:

drawing and painting; watercolours; acrylics; Gouache; oil painting; master studies; life-drawing; illustration; glass painting; wire sculpture; 3D-printing; lino-cuts; handmade cards; paint-pouring; jewelry-making; candle-making; sewing and textile; plein-air painting; celtic knotwork; photography.

This space deliberately left blank for your ideas: _______________________________!


The timetable for the Autumn Term can be viewed here. As you will see, there is a focus on developing the fundamental drawing skills that every artist needs.

There is space in every session for members share their own projects, get help and ask questions. Every session ends with an Art Prompt to keep you inspired throughout the week


Art Club encourages members to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity. It is our goal to create a safe space where your ideas are respected and it’s okay to experiment and try new things. We will regularly check-in to see how you are doing and if there’s anything you need help with.


Learning from professional artists & demonstrators
Artist-lead with occassional guests
Peer support and learning from each other
Making new friends among fellow artists
Increased self-confidence and self-understanding
Art has been linked to reduced anxiety, depression and stress
Mindful appreciation and discovery
There is still beauty in this world!
enhanced communication skills, and improved cognition
Broadening understanding and critical-thinking skills
Freedom of Self-expression
In a supportive environment
Decision-making and problem-solving as part of creating.
Earn your Artistic Liscense!
Improved focus and perseverance
Learn how to access the 'flow state'
improving fine and gross motor skills

Better balance and hand-eye coordination

Special Activities

Special Activities outside the studio will usually be arranged during the holidays and are entirely optional. These would be things like Gallery & Museum visits, inspiration walks and painting trips.

"I can't make a session, what can I do?"

If you know in advance, get in touch and I can refund the session you are unable to attend. Please ensure you are able to attend most sessions.
I will endeavor to post materials online for anyone who needs to catch-up.


See where we are and how to reach us on the location page. Includes information on Parking and Accessibility.


Booking for the Autumn Term is open. See below. You can also subscribe and pay prorata across the year.