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Are you ready to Start your Art Journey?

START Art Classes in Oxford teach drawing and painting courses for adults of all abilities but especially beginners. START aims to, well, get you started! Art lessons are practical and hands-on; you are encouraged to have a go and have fun. You can produce some amazing effects with just simple techniques. At the end of most classes you will have produced something with your own hands which you can take home and be proud of.
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Beginner Friendly
Aimed at adult leraners, START Art Classes main goal is to get you started on your own creative art journey. No experience needed.
Professional Artist

Amy Letts is a professional artist, with a BA Hons in Fine art and 14 years of teaching experience. She will guide you with personal tips and tricks adapted to your needs.

Online Resources

When you sign up for a face-to-face class you get the online version absolutely free. This hybrid approach has proved very popular, enabling you to practise execises in your own time.

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Face-to-Face Classes at the Studio

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Your Art Tutor

Amy Letts

Amy Letts has been an Artist since she wouldn't let go of the red crayon and melted it all over her parents couch! She also has 14 years of teaching experience.
Unlike other Artists who usually settle in to a certain style, Amy is frequently trying new things, with a plethora of styles and techniques under her belt. It's a challenge to find something she hasn't tried!

Find US

My dedicated Art Studio is located at 66 Bayswater Road, directly opposite Mather Road.

To get to the studio go through the side gate and follow the path. If in doubt ring the doorbell and I will come to guide you.

nIf driving, take a right at Baynards Hill Primary School, then an immediate left onto the slip-road. There are usually parking bays available.

If using public transport catch the number 8 bus from Oxford City Center, or the N8 from Risinghurst.

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10% OFF with coupon code: NEXTDOOR
You don't want to miss out on this deal.