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Drawing Portraits


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Type: Adult Education
Level: Beginners & Improvers
Dates: 1st – 29th November
Time: Tuesdays 4-6PM
Duration: 5 weeks
Venue: The Studio
Fee:  £97.50
Concessions: £75 with coupon code: CONCESSION
This course is IN PROGRESS. Single sessions are available for £21.50, however for the best experience we recommend taking the full course.
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There are many ways to draw a portrait, almost as many ways as there are faces. Believe it or not, it doesn't have to take thousands of hours of laborius study. I can improve your portrait drawing instantly just by handing you the correct tools!

I can teach you to avoid the pitfalls most beginners fall into and the secret to portraits that impress. Maybe you don't believe you could ever create a good portrait? I'm here to show you you can!

Faces are fun! This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and your confidence, whether you are a beginner or have been practising for a while, but never had the right guidance.

What even is a portrait? Open your mind to different styles and techniques. How we recognise other people? It's not what you think! Learn the key features of the face; which are worth spending your time on and which should be flatteringly blurred out? Unlock the secret to achieving a good likeness.


  • 01/11/22 - Proportions of the Face
  • 08/11/22 - Expressive Self-Portrait
  • 15/11/22 - 'Enlightenment' Tonal Study
  • 22/11/22 - Eyes: the Windows to the Soul
  • 29/11/22 - Capturing a Likeness
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About your Art Teacher:

A black and white photograp of Artist & Art Tutor Amy Letts. She is smiling and standing with her hands on her hips, long hair loose, and wearing a black t-shirt that says; "I have been generous, but I can be cruel."Amy Letts owns StART Art Classes whilst also maintaining her own practise as a proffessional Artist. She got into trouble for making copies of celebrity photos a bit too well; and is the person behind ‘the eyes of march’ - drawing nothing but eyes for a month. Amy is well known for her 10-15 minute live sketch portraits.

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15/11/22 – 'Enlightenment' Tonal Study, 22/11/22 – Eyes: the Windows to the Soul, 29/11/22 – Capturing a Likeness

Drawing Portraits