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Not just Art Skills - these are Life Skills

The benefits of art on early childhood development is well-known. Art helps children to explore and appreciate the world at their own pace and in their own way. Being multisensory it engages nearly all their senses which improves both physical and cognative development.

Practising art helps children develop good coordination and fine motor skills. Simultaeniously, they learn observation and spacial awareness.

Creating their own work builds self-confidence and esteem. Their ideas are respected and valued. StART encourages creativity without fear-of-failure which is essential for critical-thinking and problem-solving. Perhaps most importantly practising art relieves stress.

It's frustrating when art is sidelined as 'non-essential' when it touches on almost every aspect of life.

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”

- Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

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Olesia Krivolapova runs our Children's Art Classes. She is an artist from Ukraine, Kharkiv, currently living in Barton, Oxford. Olesia previously worked at the art studio AzaNiziMaza, in her hometown, for 3 years with preschool children. She graduated from an art Academy as a book illustrator and art teacher. For now she is working as an illustrator, whilst also selling artworks and taking part in the children’s education projects. Her main goal during lessons is for the children to have fun and to make something incredible during session. The creative skills they gain will help them to have a bright future

Children's Art Classes running now

For: Children aged 6-10 years old

Time: Saturdays 10am - 12noon

Dates: 06/06/22 – 20/07/22

Duration: 2 - 9 weeks

Venue: The Studio

Price: £0 to £175.50 £131.63

Cost of Living Sale 25% off

Concessions: £69.30 (use code CONCESSION)

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To get to the studio go through the side gate and follow the path. If in doubt ring the doorbell and I will come to guide you.

If driving, take a right at Baynards Hill Primary School, then an immediate left onto the slip-road. There are usually parking bays available.

If using public transport catch the number 8 bus from Oxford City Center, or the N8 from Risinghurst.

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